Our Chef – Mauro Bernal

3 delicious, healthy meals are included for each guest daily. We include morning and afternoon snacks, such as our hand-juiced detox drinks and smoothies. We go the extra mile, like making our own nut-milks from scratch. The main menu features local flavors and fresh-caught local seafood with an elegant touch. The El Salvadoran diet includes a wide selection of delicious fruits and vegetables such as plantains, mangos, pineapple and papaya. Fruit is of course seasonal, and our menus will focus on items that are available fresh and local. Our chef, Mauro Bernal, is trained professionally and native to El Salvador. His “midas-touch” will bring joy to your palette. Mauro constantly surprises us, transforming the simplest ingredients into edible works of art.Purified drinking water and fresh coconut water from our trees are included every day during our retreats. We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian diets.

Food & Nightlife in El Tunco

While the busy schedule of a yoga and surf retreat demands a private chef for the majority of meals, a special thing we do at Balancé is to include several meals “out on the town”. We’ll visit local staples like Mopelia, Take-a-Wok, La Ola Betos, Tunco Veloz, and Beach Life. Playa El Tunco is known for its vibrant food & nightlife, and no visit here is complete without checking out these great places. We’ll spend several evenings eating, drinking, dancing, having a great time with the local crew, and just having an authentic El Salvadoran experience. The pictures below showcase some of our favorite spots: