The Balancé Yoga studio is located in the amazing surf town Playa El Tunco. If you haven’t heard of El Tunco, allow us to tell you how awesome it is! El Tunco has a style all its own, with numerous oceanfront restaurants, bars, & cantinas. Here you’ll find delicious natural smoothies, cheap beer, and the freshest seafood imaginable. Our sunsets are world class, and during our busier seasons you’ll find some of the world’s most active travelers sitting on the seawall, enjoying a cold beer, and watching the lineup of surfers getting their awesome on next to the iconic rock of Playa El Tunco.

World Class sunsets at Playa El Tunco

That rock pretty much splits our beach down the middle. To the west, we have the world-class point break Sunzal. If you are a surfer you’ve probably heard of it. On the opposite side of the beach, the east side, we have another amazing wave La Bocana. Bocana is incredibly consistent and offers great shortboarding waves while many people that surf at Sunzal tend to ride bigger longboards.

(picture here – sunzal & Bocana, a table would be good)

La Bocana - Playa El Tunco Playa El Tunco - Sunzal Surfing

Whether you are coming here for a surf vacation, participating in one of our yoga retreats, or coming down from San Salvador for a quick beach visit, Playa El Tunco has so much to offer.

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